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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Color kitchens

Color kitchens

Color kitchens
Is bored of her white kitchen? Try adding a dose of light and color to liven up your favorite room. View different models

This French kitchen has ample space for the hosts and guests to cook.

Barry Dixon had an Asian inspiration in this kitchen

This kitchen, with its bluish-colored cabinets, illuminated by lamps hanging scroll

Beautiful kitchen with wood paneling Jay Jeffers, including a dishwasher and fridge. "The panels make the kitchen look more like a room that is strictly a working space."

A Swedish-style kitchen
Inspired by the cabinets, custom made by the designer and furniture maker Kevin Ritter.

This car offers plenty of space to display a variety of dishes, glasses, cups, dishes,
and give a different touch to your kitchen.

A kitchen in a different color
The cheerful kitchen is the heart of the house, "says designer Christina Rottman. To achieve this, applied to the cabinets a black ocher glaze, then paint with turquoise enamel. The countertops are limestone.

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