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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Models of Living rooms

Models of Living rooms

We introduce different styles and models of living rooms, giving you an idea for decorating your home.

Designed by Stephen Shubel, the walls of this room are painted in pink, soft color balanced by the deep brown.

This room, designed by Ginger Barber, has a seating informal, allowing different types of meetings.

Designed by Susan Zises Green, is a large living room with 40 feet long

Designer Ken Fulk replaced a large coffee table with two African drum tables sofa in front of Ralph Lauren.

For Christmas decorate your home with stickers (adhesives)

For Christmas decorate your home with stickers (adhesives)

Christmas is coming and children are filled with enthusiasm decorating the house with details. A very practical idea is to decorate with stickers are very easy to apply, adhere to any surface and they are reusable. In a little while your house will be super happy and colorful.

A chair that is valid for two people

A chair that is valid for two people

In times of crisis, the seats are expensive! Hence the idea of designer Stefan Heiligerde designing a chair for two.

It's shaped like a question mark, this chair for two offers a broad base to accommodate 2 people. Is this the ideal chair for love?

Designs for your home library

Designs for your home library

Here we present some models of libraries known designers Whether your style is traditional, modern or somewhere in between, we have something for everyone.

Designed by Gene Meyer and Frank de Biasi, this library has the seahorses in the room, including lamps cast vintage curtains with rattan.

Designer Alessandra Branca. The walls are upholstered in wool cashmere. The sofa and ottoman are designs Branca.

Library designed by Albert Hadley

Library in a corner of the room

Beautiful Christmas tree homemade

Beautiful Christmas tree homemade

It's Christmas time and as every year, we'd like to decorate our home or office beautiful shape, this year we presented the keys to creating our own Christmas tree in a very economical and original.

The steps to follow to make the tree of photography a reality he has given us Chris through his blog Just a Girl. Just would need a cardboard cone (or just cardboard, which you can roll it into a cone and glue the ends), glue and a nice lace to cover the surface of the cone.

An easy way to decorate your home, so do it perfect for the youngest in the house so that everyone has in his room the Christmas tree of your dreams.

Decorte home with curtains and blinds on windows

Decorte home with curtains and blinds on windows

Give your room a touch of naturalness and warmth with bamboo curtains, jute, rope, wood, ideal for creating comfortable environments

Light curtains and blinds blinds

They are made of organza, linen, silk and fine cottons. A selection of very cool fabric blinds to let in light without losing privacy ..

The solution to this room with terrace has been built from straw blinds hung around after the cast, who just take up space

For this room, decorated in blue and white curtains were chosen with a beautiful fabric Ybarra & Serret, in the same shades, pleated at the top that collect flight. The bar is bolted to the roof and cover only the window.

Shades and blinds
To dress this window was chosen a patterned fabric flowers, Maison Decor. The pattern is balanced with some hard facts to light blinds curtain fabric. Everything is hung inside the plaster.

This room is filled with color from the fabrics used. Two drops Japanese side and three panels in the center, dress the windows

The natural color of the blinds have been pleased with some raspberry falls in the large window, and frets in the same fabric on the other

Illuminates the paths in your garden

Illuminates the paths in your garden

Sometimes think illuminate the paths of your garden is believed to mean high cost. The best way is, unequivocally, a solution that combines design, decoration and low power consumption, how high can be the first investment. An example: Catwalk-a.

Catwalk-a is a product of Minimis proposing a different approach to garden lighting and external LED using concealed within steel panels and durable white polycarbonate. The panels are installed above the gravel soils, are paved, garden or even in water. By day it's a path that leads the visitors to walk inside or outside. At night, a source of light to gently illuminate outdoor LED asimétricos.Las patterns arranged under the polycarbonate panels draw amazing and attractive light patterns, as handfuls of fireflies, describing points of spirals with varying intensity. And the best: consume only two dollars of electricity a year.

Change the style of your dornitorio

Change the style of your dornitorio

Original header
Gain space in your bedroom, give a new style and also spending little money. Just simply change the header.!

An arch in purple and suggestive phrases written, designed by Belén Valenzuela, up the headboard of this original bedroom

In this bedroom, a small wall acts as plasterboard headboard, bookcase and serves to separate the sleeping area of the study area. Is the brainchild of architect and designer Bart Darna.

A solution fun, easy and economical is pasted on the wall an original sticker or sticker

A nice grouping of framed photos can change the look of your room and, in time, replace the old headboard

A headboard, upholstered with the same material with which they have made lampshades desktop, decorate this bedroom

If you need space and want a different header, hangs from the ceiling panels Japanese dress and protect the wall.

This special will be your header if you choose this idea. . You can do this with film, fabric or your best photos.

Another good idea to renew your header: make it work and use it also as a shelf. To decorate it and integrate it, paint it the same shade of the wall and then remátalo with a wooden shelf to serve as a fulcrum.

Lining with a chocolate floral print to match the bedding in this bedroom has created a nice header with a panel of DM

Replaces header for this mirror screen

Ideas for children's bedrooms

Ideas for children's bedrooms

Take the space under the bed for storing toys in baskets

Replace the table for a basket that has a good storage capacity. Inside you can save big balls and toys. For the child to access them with ease, rather than table lamp hanging over the basket a ceiling light at low altitude

Study Light
It is desirable, but not always a window in the space allocated to the study corner.


When the bedroom is for two brothers, sometimes you need some independence. A bed frame can be of great relief and a stimulus for imagination

The child's bedroom is a reflection of their tastes
Encourage him to expose his drawings on the wall: he will feel proud and win the room charm

Color kitchens

Color kitchens

Color kitchens
Is bored of her white kitchen? Try adding a dose of light and color to liven up your favorite room. View different models

This French kitchen has ample space for the hosts and guests to cook.

Barry Dixon had an Asian inspiration in this kitchen

This kitchen, with its bluish-colored cabinets, illuminated by lamps hanging scroll

Beautiful kitchen with wood paneling Jay Jeffers, including a dishwasher and fridge. "The panels make the kitchen look more like a room that is strictly a working space."

A Swedish-style kitchen
Inspired by the cabinets, custom made by the designer and furniture maker Kevin Ritter.

This car offers plenty of space to display a variety of dishes, glasses, cups, dishes,
and give a different touch to your kitchen.

A kitchen in a different color
The cheerful kitchen is the heart of the house, "says designer Christina Rottman. To achieve this, applied to the cabinets a black ocher glaze, then paint with turquoise enamel. The countertops are limestone.