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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Decorative Ladder

Decorative Ladder

When there is little space the ladder is usually reduced to a minimum. But however slight, always has a significant visual weight, hence the challenge for architects and designers to create lightweight structures that can withstand the daily rhythm and turn out to be beautiful in its simplicity.

The staircase that we see in the picture is a noteworthy ingenuity.
It's a ladder in a zig-zag metal winding up and just touching the wall, and rests lazily on the floor.

Is an architectural design of the Czech MSM and is made of metal plate thickness 10 mm. The panels are anchored to the wall neatly with barely noticeable, and a banister attached to facilitate a shift and balance. Of course it is a ladder for those not familiar with vertigo, but it's all about getting used to.

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