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Monday, May 17, 2010

Bath special children

Bath special children

Sometimes many of us do not have a bathtub at home, but we have a space just for the shower. The thing is very complicated in such cases when children arrive, since it is much more uncomfortable for their baths only the bathtub.

That's why I loved the idea of Biba, a portable bath that can be purchased at the shop on-line Urbanbaby. The idea is it to be placed anywhere, at any time as it is very lightweight and easily transportable and there bathe our children.

It is designed for use both as an outdoor pool, as a bathtub at home. It can be placed in the shower, on one side and open it when we need it. Being able to combine well with no problems, shower and bathtub.

Biba is made of PUL (waterproof material respects the environment) and stainless steel, making it very lightweight and also allow that there are no changes when they are abroad.

Is available in several colors and sizes, depending on what your price range, which can range from 119 to 149 euros.

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