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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ideas for decorating your home

Ideas for decorating your home

Here we give them ideas on how to decorate your home with different tools and styles

"I love the black and white photography, and I usually mix my own photos with the work of an artist known. I even add black linen pillows to my couch to harmonize with the picture and create a more graphic look." - Barbara Westbrook

Striped wallpaper for the cabinets. A wardrobe of clothes just need a couple of
rolls and feel joy every time you open it.

"No matter what you think, there's always room to add a bank - in front of the fireplace, facing the sofa), compared to a chair for you to put your feet up, at the foot of his bed." - Whitney Stewart

"Make a window seat under a favorite window. Build a box of plywood and paint it. Add a mattress and pillows, and you have a new place to curl up and read." - Michael Richman

"What is the best view of your room? Rearrange furniture so you can enjoy it. Sometimes that just means throwing a chair in a corner.

"Find attractive packaging for all items in the kitchen counter. I'm thinking white boat useful for storing flour, sugar etc

Murals simulating white curtains in a bedroom, a darker color in a room, you can even hang pictures, make your room is decorated.

"If you have a dining table that is idle most of the time, can become a table for the library. Collecting books and create beautiful small piles around the perimeter of the table. Put an object of great scale - like a balloon, a piece of sculpture in the center. Then place a small object on top of each pile. using tea caddies, magnifying glasses, glass spheres. Choose something that interests you. " - Thomas Pheasan

Photo murals are in fashion. In or have a large selection, or you can send your own photos and put it according to your wall. Doing it in a foyer, the wall end of a long hallway, or ceiling of a room

How to troubleshoot your home space

How to troubleshoot your home space

Practical ideas and beautiful to solve any problem you have as lack of space, difficult corners, how to wean environments ... We tell you how to better exploit and leverage best match

Very useful
A cabinet as central glass doors, takes advantage of all the wall and the top has sliding doors.

Hidden Desktop
Just driving down the center doors and supporting them on the bottom there is a practical desk.

Work Area

It has been successfully integrated into a custom furniture on the wall located behind the dining room. The central part is an area with space for computer and paper and folding doors that serve as table.

Gray and white decor has been furnished with a sofa, La Oca, since at an angle to space left in the middle. The wall color is Valentine .. It has taken the wall of the wall to make a library, with just a few shelves which also hides the radiator is below.

Decorating living rooms

Decorating living rooms

We give several proposals to distribute the living room and decorate it with great ideas and great class!

L and sofas and burnished to create a reading area put a lamp above the cabinet

In a small space with few pieces of furniture in natural colors like carpet and large glass table space

To decorate the wall, we chose a simple drawing of trees that paint with a template. With a distribution similar to above, in this room we opted for a slightly larger furniture in pale blue and white, and comfortable cushions

Here we have used the space to maximum due to parallel arrangement of the sofas in shades of white and the main wall fresa.En put a shelf large capacity, ideal for books. And take advantage of both sides to put a sofa table with two doors.

Models of tables and chairs for dining

Models of tables and chairs for dining

Collection Maison Coloniale models that mix Chinese and Indonesian Hindus.

Mesa L. 130 x H. 64 x P. 130 cm.
From shisham solid (variety of Indian rosewood). Silla L. 44 x H. 62 x P. 45 cm.Banco L. 130 x H. 34 x P. 42 cm.


Mix Lounge massive old recycled teak. Assembly of beams and notches. Natural.Mesa Finish Dining: L. 140 x H. 78 x P. 140 cm. There are also two elongated door 50 April cm.Aparador L. 200 x H. 90 x P. 55 cm. Apollo L. Silla 46 x H. 91 x P. 56 cm. Metal structure. Polyurethane foam seat covered with brown reconstituted leather (available in beige or black). Coated fabric cover 100% cotton prewashed.


From shisham solid (variety of Indian rosewood.) Assembly of beams and notches. Natural dye to alcohol. Encerado.Mesa Finish: L. 180 x H. 76 x P. 90 cm.

L 180 x H 90 x P 76 GRDC shisham solid (variety of Indian rosewood.) Assembly of beams and notches. Natural dye to alcohol. Varnished, waxed.


L. 140 x H. 74 x P. 140 cm with two extension cords 30 Massif cm.De shisham (variety of Indian rosewood). Muescas.Acabado assembly of beams and carved tinted encerado.Alargo opcional.Mesa of comedorL. 140 x H. 74 x P. 140 cm with two 30 cm.SillaL extension cords. 45 x H. 99 x P. 44 cm.


Lighting in homes with limited space

Lighting in homes with limited space

One of the main disadvantages of living in such housing is undoubtedly the lack of outdoor lighting is usually taken as the vast majority of them just a window lets in a few rays of light. That is why the best we can do when painting or decorating the floor, it always opt for light colors like white or beige walls and in both the furniture and let us look where the light is greater.
If we do not have windows, the best option is to be made dirigibles or lights that focus towards strategic corners of the house.

Bed Designs Zeitraum

Bed Designs Zeitraum

These wooden beds clean design seem to levitate above the ground. A touch of magic to reach the land of dreams

Friday, June 11, 2010

Decorative glass windows

Decorative glass windows

Ideas for windows:
When decorating a house think of everything.
Beautiful stained glass windows that do not have to put them in the house, an example might be in the bathroom or in the classroom, maintaining the privacy and provide a sophisticated touch.
At present there are places where they teach them.

Photo Gallery:

Decorate your bathroom: shower dream

Decorate your bathroom: shower dream

The design, functionality and easy installation are features that define the columns of the signature spa. They are equipped with thermostatic systems composed of various spa jets and a rain effect ceiling. Thanks to technology that incorporates a constant temperature is achieved.

Doppio Soffione model stands out for its simplicity. The water outlet is performed by two concentrated areas, they get that water is distributed throughout the structure. Available in two versions: Recessed ceiling or attached to the wall. Gunni & is located in Trentino.

The firm proposed several ways to relax in the shower. Thus, the cabin Multifunctional, equipped with a wealth of detail, offers several wellness solutions at home. One of them is this spectacular round spray, which offers a water fall concentrated and direct.

XL, designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, is notable for its innovative oversized artichoke suspended. It comes with jets to rain, thready and accompanied with light and color therapy and music therapy music. It is available with LED center light.

Transparency is the soul of the new series of showers Hansaclear, by which you can see the path of the water inside the head. It is available in the variants of one, two and three jets, needle, soft or massage. You can opt for the light, to enjoy a rain rainbow.

Vintage sprinkler range is extended with the new version: Vintage XL. This is a large ceiling, minimalist design and high performance. The sprayer comes with only four millimeters thick and a very versatile installation as it can be secured to both the ceiling or wall

The luxurious fixed shower Starck Shower Heaven offers the opportunity to choose between a thick laminar jet, a voluminous spray of water droplets enriched air or a jet bound, thanks to 500 nozzles incorporated therein. It has a wide area of nearly one square meter

The new catalog of the firm has expanded with innovative proposals of fittings, including a double shower is this fixed. Besides doubling the amount of water, the angle of the workpiece can be adjusted allowing direct the spray towards the most tense of the body. ArtQuitect distributed.

Blow The diffuser is directly embedded in the ceiling. Includes dual function of rain, massage concentrated and the possibility of regulating the flow to achieve the desired power. The rectangular shape of this model allows a drop of water directly and completely surround

Decorating with Candles at Christmas

Decorating with Candles at Christmas

We present a different option in decorating candles. We will give even more luster to our candles using a fun and simple material to get. I mean just to get it in any bookstore can get some envelopes from the famous glitter.,

This activity is really simple. Put a little vinyl glue on the surface of the sail that we like, we recommend at the foot of the flame and then to turn it achieve a glow effect even more beautiful than natural that offers full sail.

Glass walls give more light to your home

Glass walls give more light to your home

When a house is illuminated due to the large amount of natural light entering the home is a real shame to cut the flow of nature with a common wall outlet. We are simply forbidden to befriend sunlight our home and we stayed living with a simple design error for life. A room quite bright and one dark. Why? Are we not perhaps in search of nature? Do live in a more natural, pleasant? Then think of the natural light as a blessing for our home and allows you access to all the rooms you want to go on their own.

You May Think You Need to do a wall, it just Dividing Needs Another space with privacy and definitely INTEND to erect a wall. But if we raise the wall Allows the passage of light? I think it would be a very smart move in most cases.
Perhaps it is Not interesting When the rooms are adjoining living room and bedroom, But If They are "living and cooking?" Laundry, kitchen, garden and a room?

Undoubtedly Raise the glass walls are very interesting for this kind of Reasoning and decisions. There is a new material, Because in the 80s was very fashionable but ... Why we take this Into account? In short, the natural light Remains The Same Since The Beginning of life. Do Not Forget These glass walls to save space, living room with natural light and Give Better look to Our Home. A material for consideration.