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Friday, June 11, 2010

Glass walls give more light to your home

Glass walls give more light to your home

When a house is illuminated due to the large amount of natural light entering the home is a real shame to cut the flow of nature with a common wall outlet. We are simply forbidden to befriend sunlight our home and we stayed living with a simple design error for life. A room quite bright and one dark. Why? Are we not perhaps in search of nature? Do live in a more natural, pleasant? Then think of the natural light as a blessing for our home and allows you access to all the rooms you want to go on their own.

You May Think You Need to do a wall, it just Dividing Needs Another space with privacy and definitely INTEND to erect a wall. But if we raise the wall Allows the passage of light? I think it would be a very smart move in most cases.
Perhaps it is Not interesting When the rooms are adjoining living room and bedroom, But If They are "living and cooking?" Laundry, kitchen, garden and a room?

Undoubtedly Raise the glass walls are very interesting for this kind of Reasoning and decisions. There is a new material, Because in the 80s was very fashionable but ... Why we take this Into account? In short, the natural light Remains The Same Since The Beginning of life. Do Not Forget These glass walls to save space, living room with natural light and Give Better look to Our Home. A material for consideration.

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