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Sunday, June 20, 2010

How to troubleshoot your home space

How to troubleshoot your home space

Practical ideas and beautiful to solve any problem you have as lack of space, difficult corners, how to wean environments ... We tell you how to better exploit and leverage best match

Very useful
A cabinet as central glass doors, takes advantage of all the wall and the top has sliding doors.

Hidden Desktop
Just driving down the center doors and supporting them on the bottom there is a practical desk.

Work Area

It has been successfully integrated into a custom furniture on the wall located behind the dining room. The central part is an area with space for computer and paper and folding doors that serve as table.

Gray and white decor has been furnished with a sofa, La Oca, since at an angle to space left in the middle. The wall color is Valentine .. It has taken the wall of the wall to make a library, with just a few shelves which also hides the radiator is below.

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