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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ideas for decorating your home

Ideas for decorating your home

Here we give them ideas on how to decorate your home with different tools and styles

"I love the black and white photography, and I usually mix my own photos with the work of an artist known. I even add black linen pillows to my couch to harmonize with the picture and create a more graphic look." - Barbara Westbrook

Striped wallpaper for the cabinets. A wardrobe of clothes just need a couple of
rolls and feel joy every time you open it.

"No matter what you think, there's always room to add a bank - in front of the fireplace, facing the sofa), compared to a chair for you to put your feet up, at the foot of his bed." - Whitney Stewart

"Make a window seat under a favorite window. Build a box of plywood and paint it. Add a mattress and pillows, and you have a new place to curl up and read." - Michael Richman

"What is the best view of your room? Rearrange furniture so you can enjoy it. Sometimes that just means throwing a chair in a corner.

"Find attractive packaging for all items in the kitchen counter. I'm thinking white boat useful for storing flour, sugar etc

Murals simulating white curtains in a bedroom, a darker color in a room, you can even hang pictures, make your room is decorated.

"If you have a dining table that is idle most of the time, can become a table for the library. Collecting books and create beautiful small piles around the perimeter of the table. Put an object of great scale - like a balloon, a piece of sculpture in the center. Then place a small object on top of each pile. using tea caddies, magnifying glasses, glass spheres. Choose something that interests you. " - Thomas Pheasan

Photo murals are in fashion. In or have a large selection, or you can send your own photos and put it according to your wall. Doing it in a foyer, the wall end of a long hallway, or ceiling of a room

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