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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bathrooms in small spaces

Bathrooms in small spaces

Small half bath in a small space

THIN. This elongated toilet suitable distribution to better utilize the space has been put toilets on two parallel fronts. Two toilets free on a long counter on one side stood next to a wall lined with a mirror as to its fullest extent, so that the space seem larger .. The shower, with a screen that does not shorten the space, moved to the opposite side.

In a small bathroom, a sliding door is very useful because it does not take place when opened. Other ideas to save space: replace bathtub shower, put shelves as corners or take advantage of irregularities in the plant.

In a small bedroom with en-suite, such as this, a very successful formula for free meters is replacing partitions with a sliding door. Etched glass doors, as this slide, allowing natural light to flow from one room to another and does not interrupt the space, giving greater visual range. At the same time maintaining the privacy that requires the bedroom. A round basin, small and suspended on the wall, like this one from Duravit, gaining ground.

Vives tiles that mimic the skin of a foal

Vives tiles that mimic the skin of a foal

The skins, whether synthetic or natural, adds a touch of style to any place, either in furniture, decoration and complement any outfit. In Vives, have wanted to convey the elegance of leather applied to building materials, resulting in a pavement with a chic design in keeping with new trends.

Also, the skin applied to the design fits perfectly with the folk style that takes both this season. Due to its characteristics, the skin develops, changes, or merging, but it never gets old. The Colt series is in its design the texture and appearance of natural skin of a foal, where new technologies and innovation coexist with the creativity of our designers.

Colt is a series that has the quality of the porcelain to Vives and impresses with its avant-garde style and attention to delicate, with a soft touch that resembles the animal petting horses. Available in two natural tones and in a format of 60 × 60 cm, colt gets the elegance and style look chic in its design.

New table lamp shaped doll Junior Spacewalker

New table lamp shaped doll Junior Spacewalker

The Junior Spacewalker table lamp is a different, fun. Your doll is an object makes it ideal for light to decorate.

Spacewalker Junior is one of the latest additions to the prestigious collection of Dark Light and was designed by Germany's Constantin Wortmann.

Made of polyethylene, Junior Spacewalker is illuminated by a 7W fluorescent tube, which brings the lamp built.

Icarus lamp, modern lighting

Icarus lamp, modern lighting

Lamp Icarus designed by Tord Boontje is a delicate cascade feathers connecting divine with profane.

The lamp is inspired by the wings that Daedalus, mythological character, architect and father of Icarus, built to flee the prison where they were both.

The lamp is a tribute to Icarus Icarus, who, despite being warned by his father, flew too high and his wings were melted by the sun.

Failure character brings today design great exquisiteness blanking perseverance of overcoming. Tord Boontje Daedalus becomes a project that improves the updating of the myth

The light comes from feathers dynamic mylar (polyester coating) that resists, and without melting, more powerful illumination.

Union design e history an indispensable for household ultimately today symbolizes light wisdom.

Overall dimensions: 42 x 79.4 cm
Further information: Todolifestyle

Extensible and lifting tables for small spaces

Extensible and lifting tables for small spaces

If you have limited space in our room the idea of having a convertible coffee table dining table is a solution. Then see different pictures

S pecifications stairs

S pecifications stairs

These beautiful and modern stairs inside the home, are very simple in shape and design. The images will help show them to take good ideas and implement them in your own home

Sleep illuminated beds

Sleep illuminated beds

This City Never Sleep bed light is truly original. The ambient lighting will give your bedroom and dreaming that he will travel on a city lit up while they sleep. During the day bed is a normal appearance but at night it glows.

The light is made of LED and a timer that lasts a lifetime and is environmentally friendly.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010




Although we speak of ecology as the only safe option to keep and maintain a healthy planet Earth, it is easy to imagine a life where sustainable energy are the only ones that help us to maintain the system of modern life with all its amenities. But the truth is that they are making little progress to show that things can change gradually. A few weeks ago that these small changes have made a scale hitherto unimaginable. And this great change has to do with the creation of a complex consisting exclusively of energy efficient housing. That is, 25 townhouses able to source power for themselves.

In this space, located in the south of the island of Tenerife, no pollution. Everything is clean. It is therefore the first urbanization bioclimatic with zero CO2 emissions. The revolutionary idea began with an international competition promoted by the Cabildo Insular de Tenerife and the Technological Institute of Renewable Energies (ITER, whose land is located in the Village) and endorsed by the International Union of Architects, with the goal of becoming housing a laboratory developed under the criteria of bioclimatic architecture and adaptation to environmental conditions and capable of self-sufficient from an energy standpoint. And the 'experiment' has worked, so that the results will be used as a template for future sustainable building initiatives. Because it is a proven tool, easily applicable and exportable to other areas of similar climate.
From the beginning, the philosophy of these homes had to focus on reducing energy and water costs to a minimum and to use renewable energy sources and treatment plants to supply all the consumption of housing: power, water ... The success was essential taking into account that the development has been carried out on an island, with a high dependence on foreign energy. Of the 397 projects submitted to the contest were selected 25 that are already part of the development. Each of these homes is different from the rest in terms of design, materials, techniques for exploiting natural resources, architectural integration of solar thermal and photovoltaic. This feature makes the development a unique enclave in the world, in which one could see firsthand the diverse application of bioclimatic techniques.

And as has been thought of everything, each of these houses are equipped with sensors to measure some parameters common to all of them and depending on the specific characteristics of each of the houses. Another fundamental aspect in selecting the winning projects are related to environmental impact: the distribution and orientation of each of the houses has been studied carefully to achieve maximum integration in the landscape, and has paid special attention the design of a microclimate around the houses. When designing the gardens has been respected as much as possible the native vegetation and reinforced by adequate watering features.

Who wants to experience the feeling of living in 'green' will be able to do on a rental basis. It will thus be possible to obtain actual data regarding the monitored parameters, along with the comments and feelings of the tenants.

You may see firsthand the implementation of very different bioclimatic techniques.

The idea is to reduce energy and water costs to a minimum and to use renewable energy sources and treatment plants to supply the homes of light, water ...

The distribution and orientation of each of the houses has been carefully studied to achieve its full integration into the landscape. It thus avoids the environmental impact

Enjoy your garden in comfort

Enjoy your garden in comfort

Daybed Swivel is designed by the architect Patricia Urquiola and is part of the collection 'Maia' signature Kettal

The gardens and terraces are increasingly a fundamental part of our homes where you have to spend time, money and style.
Kettal Catalan firm also offers interesting ideas for furnishing outdoor spaces this summer. For example, the Spanish architect designed by Patricia Urquiola under the name Maia. The collection, which emphasizes the fun Daybed Swivel, complete with a swing, a couch, chairs and side tables. The structure of the pieces is made of aluminum, while for the seats and backs have used the new collection of fabrics and chenille porotex twisted and original crafts. A combination that accentuates the lightness and naturalness of the collection. They can be purchased in solid colors, white and brown-and in combination with bicolor and tricolor. The philosophy of each piece sticks well to itself what Urquiola says of herself: "I like to find the material best suited to each project. Work a technological material with a handmade, or use in an industrial process material on the past. " Maybe that's why the collection has been selected as one of the most representative designs of our century by Javier Mariscal.
If we have a good time and enjoy them not stop easily see these comfortable chairs by designer Patricia Urquiola

Monday, September 20, 2010

Modern chair model Lacoon

Modern chair model Lacoon

The furniture designs are still evolving and we introduce new models such as this chair designed by the company Jai Jalan Divani Lacoon named Desiree.

Due to their attractive forms and excellent aesthetic realization this beautiful chair won a special mention in the Young & design awards 2009.

Noted for its exceptional quality and design as it is very comfortable and soft padded

Ideas to fix the bath house

Ideas to fix the bath house

Meet small bathrooms with shower areas that use the maximum space and are protected by glass screens useful.

In this bath contrast with dark wood furniture and light beige lining. The areas separating the shower and toilet

In this shower, which plate has been dispensed, the same bathroom floor has been placed inclined to facilitate drainage. It's perfect for people with movement difficulty. A large glass door facilitates entry

Bathroom finished in GRESITE
In this small bathroom space is maximized with a shower in one corner and the sink area in the other, both separated by a low wall. The cabin is overlaid with a tiled plinth that imitate mosaic.

Fully glazed
The area of the bathroom shower is overlaid with a piece stoneware Saloni and closed with a screen as consisting of a fixed blade and folding door of glass.

This attic bathroom with a shower of independent work, separated from the rest by a small step and protected by a glass partition. In addition, this area has great light through Velux roof window.

To maximize the corners, a good idea is to place a corner shower, as was done in this bathroom. Also, to not overwhelm the environment was placed a transparent screen, made of glass and sliding doors

Shabby Chic Decorating Style

Shabby Chic Decorating Style

The details are in shabby chic decorating styles that belong to transport us back in time.

The shabby chic is an attempt to blend the old with the contenporáneo, casual to elegant. A search can be for our personal and innovative environments

From the time of the great houses of England, where the prevailing color was the target in its entirety, comes from Shabby Chic style, which basically was decorated with furniture that was purchased in popular markets and sales used furniture, and being worn by the passage of time, the carpenters paint and repair these units. Today simulates the furniture of that era, with patina, so that new furniture look old, with a touch.

Wooden chairs upholstered look

Wooden chairs upholstered look

Chairs "soft wood" are carved wooden chairs novel that at first glance seem upholstered in fabric but are actually wood, German designer Veronica Wildgruber.

It is a project that was recently presented at the DMY Design Festival in Berlin in June.

It was created to illustrate how the wood can be both soft and comfortable. At first glance seem chairs upholstered in soft material, however, are handmade wood, comfortable and different.

Ideas for reforming home without spending much

Ideas for reforming your home without spending much

We like to share with you. these ideas to reform a flat or a house without having to spend much money on it.

The life of coatings is longer than the furniture and bathroom accessories; renew the latter by current models is the key to making a dramatic shift to the environment. The replacement of fittings, lighting, even the bathtub for a shower, does not require major works and improves outcome

The game of contrasts between light and dark colors is an ideal resource when you need to create a sense of depth, also painted in vertical stripes extend to the height of the space view. Two options that will considerably increase the environment visually.

Due to the special conditions of a space like the kitchen, every day is affected by the presence of smoke and grease, a simple and convenient option to renew your walls is to cover some of them with acrylic paint, which is characterized by its resistance to water and stains.

"Curtains or blinds?
Maybe it's time to renew the image of the windows. When the goal is to provide leadership, nothing better than a printed fabric and a nice bar. And if the trail drops a few inches above the ground, his presence is even more remarkable

It's amazing the change that can work the new decorative stickers. Murals complete plants or geometric details ... are many possibilities, and that stick to any surface, yes, smooth and clean

Partitions and walls without works
Knauf plasterboard systems like or have the potential to divide space or create new distributions with a simple installation that minimizes the work. They are very versatile materials that allow custom designs, half-height walls and solutions, for example, improve light penetration.

The return of wallpaper.

After years in obscurity, loud prints returned in force to the collections of wallpapers. That itself is a tendency to use them only to emphasize certain areas such as the headboard wall, the dining room or a socket in the hallway.