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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Enjoy your garden in comfort

Enjoy your garden in comfort

Daybed Swivel is designed by the architect Patricia Urquiola and is part of the collection 'Maia' signature Kettal

The gardens and terraces are increasingly a fundamental part of our homes where you have to spend time, money and style.
Kettal Catalan firm also offers interesting ideas for furnishing outdoor spaces this summer. For example, the Spanish architect designed by Patricia Urquiola under the name Maia. The collection, which emphasizes the fun Daybed Swivel, complete with a swing, a couch, chairs and side tables. The structure of the pieces is made of aluminum, while for the seats and backs have used the new collection of fabrics and chenille porotex twisted and original crafts. A combination that accentuates the lightness and naturalness of the collection. They can be purchased in solid colors, white and brown-and in combination with bicolor and tricolor. The philosophy of each piece sticks well to itself what Urquiola says of herself: "I like to find the material best suited to each project. Work a technological material with a handmade, or use in an industrial process material on the past. " Maybe that's why the collection has been selected as one of the most representative designs of our century by Javier Mariscal.
If we have a good time and enjoy them not stop easily see these comfortable chairs by designer Patricia Urquiola

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