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Friday, September 17, 2010

Spanish companies are interested in 'sustainable furniture'

Spanish companies are interested in 'sustainable furniture'

Many companies are betting, and very strong, for this type of organic product. Andreu World Valencian firm founded in 1955 that stands out for its perfect combination of design and quality, ecological wood used and has achieved FSC certification and has become the first international signature design furniture that works 100% certified wood and sustainable fulfilling the chain of custody, which guarantees its origin to the final customer ecological, sustainable and responsible management. The products from the forest to the final consumer, including all stages of the process: collection, transport, processing and distribution, are 100% sustainable.

AW Outdoor collection of Andreu World, is full of outdoor pieces that combine to perfection design, beauty and sustainability, thanks to the wood Ecolignus

This chair AW Outdoor collection is made with tape. Its structure, in this case is metal.

Andreu World has been used for wood collection Ecolignus Serena, an innovative material developed through a scientific program supported by the European Union.

The collection made by Andreu World Ecolignus wood is perfect for outdoor use because it is characterized by resist moisture and impacts of environmental and biological agents.

Ecolignus Wood, is developed through a scientific program supported by the European Union for the responsible and sustainable use of wood and slow-growing hardwoods such as oak or beech. This is an innovative material, specifically designed for outdoor use and meet the test of time. It is characterized because it resists moisture and impacts of environmental and biological agents such as fungi. Besides being 100% recyclable, is an excellent alternative to teak and other woods of tropical origin, and rapid growth-which are considered to be overfished. With these two premises (the FSC certification and Ecolignus) AW Andreu World Outdoor has launched a collection of families. Of these we particularly like Serena, a number of seats with a natural accent and contemporary, marked by dialogue between the structure of wood and tape (made by hand in polyester fiber available in brown soil, sand, graphite and white ) seat and back. One advantage is that Serena is composed of chairs without arms, chairs with different heights of support, combined with footrest and a rocking chair.

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