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Monday, September 20, 2010

Ideas to fix the bath house

Ideas to fix the bath house

Meet small bathrooms with shower areas that use the maximum space and are protected by glass screens useful.

In this bath contrast with dark wood furniture and light beige lining. The areas separating the shower and toilet

In this shower, which plate has been dispensed, the same bathroom floor has been placed inclined to facilitate drainage. It's perfect for people with movement difficulty. A large glass door facilitates entry

Bathroom finished in GRESITE
In this small bathroom space is maximized with a shower in one corner and the sink area in the other, both separated by a low wall. The cabin is overlaid with a tiled plinth that imitate mosaic.

Fully glazed
The area of the bathroom shower is overlaid with a piece stoneware Saloni and closed with a screen as consisting of a fixed blade and folding door of glass.

This attic bathroom with a shower of independent work, separated from the rest by a small step and protected by a glass partition. In addition, this area has great light through Velux roof window.

To maximize the corners, a good idea is to place a corner shower, as was done in this bathroom. Also, to not overwhelm the environment was placed a transparent screen, made of glass and sliding doors

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