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Monday, September 20, 2010

Desks that no space: they are folding

Desks that no space: they are folding

Due to the need for space in a home to study or work experience this wall folding desk for working at home every day, and do not have a room equipped for this: Solutions a company dedicated to the sale of furniture has been thought especially in this cabinet, space saving design and classic understated style.

Another similar is much more modern Vurv. The biggest advantage of this furniture is that it does not take soil surface and covers just a small area in the wall halfway up, it is usual for us.

The downside, both the size of the usable area to work not very spacious desks cómodamente.Este type often delicate and can not be done on them very strongly, also in the case of Vurv, is also the price, be a piece of design is worth a thousand euros, and the Solutions costs little more than a hundred

This desktop Vurv Design Studio is designed to be used while standing, functioning as a catch-all finisher or email!

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