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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Decorate room Feng Shui style

Decorate room Feng Shui style

Beyond the religions and beliefs, there are some simple rules in Feng Shui for creating harmonious environments and with a particular energy. This path is a balance through a combination of colors, numbers, symbols and the five traditional elements: fire, metal, earth, water and wood.

The principle of color is directly associated with the beginning of the five elements. Each color has a particular energy:

The wood is related to the green. Promises peace and prosperity.
Fire in the red. Is associated with happiness and prosperity.
Yellow Earth. Means authority and joy
Metal with white purity.
Corresponds to the black water as it is associated with depth.
The golden color is appreciated by all cultures to represent the wealth in China, combined with red is linked with the luck and wealth.
The front door of the home is one of the key points. An important aspect at the time of construction and decoration Feng Shui is that the door should be small, because there energy enters the home.

The distribution of furniture should be considered so that nothing impedes the passage, and that energy should enter freely and there should be nothing blocking the free movement. The environment must be clear, bright and cheerful. The color of the walls, the trim, detail or works of art are the perfect complement to achieve the balance of the elements


If upon entering your home you feel full of love, inner peace and positive thoughts, penetrated NO NEGATIVE ENERGY IN YOUR HOME AND COME ONLY POSITIVE ENERGY.

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