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Tuesday, September 21, 2010




Although we speak of ecology as the only safe option to keep and maintain a healthy planet Earth, it is easy to imagine a life where sustainable energy are the only ones that help us to maintain the system of modern life with all its amenities. But the truth is that they are making little progress to show that things can change gradually. A few weeks ago that these small changes have made a scale hitherto unimaginable. And this great change has to do with the creation of a complex consisting exclusively of energy efficient housing. That is, 25 townhouses able to source power for themselves.

In this space, located in the south of the island of Tenerife, no pollution. Everything is clean. It is therefore the first urbanization bioclimatic with zero CO2 emissions. The revolutionary idea began with an international competition promoted by the Cabildo Insular de Tenerife and the Technological Institute of Renewable Energies (ITER, whose land is located in the Village) and endorsed by the International Union of Architects, with the goal of becoming housing a laboratory developed under the criteria of bioclimatic architecture and adaptation to environmental conditions and capable of self-sufficient from an energy standpoint. And the 'experiment' has worked, so that the results will be used as a template for future sustainable building initiatives. Because it is a proven tool, easily applicable and exportable to other areas of similar climate.
From the beginning, the philosophy of these homes had to focus on reducing energy and water costs to a minimum and to use renewable energy sources and treatment plants to supply all the consumption of housing: power, water ... The success was essential taking into account that the development has been carried out on an island, with a high dependence on foreign energy. Of the 397 projects submitted to the contest were selected 25 that are already part of the development. Each of these homes is different from the rest in terms of design, materials, techniques for exploiting natural resources, architectural integration of solar thermal and photovoltaic. This feature makes the development a unique enclave in the world, in which one could see firsthand the diverse application of bioclimatic techniques.

And as has been thought of everything, each of these houses are equipped with sensors to measure some parameters common to all of them and depending on the specific characteristics of each of the houses. Another fundamental aspect in selecting the winning projects are related to environmental impact: the distribution and orientation of each of the houses has been studied carefully to achieve maximum integration in the landscape, and has paid special attention the design of a microclimate around the houses. When designing the gardens has been respected as much as possible the native vegetation and reinforced by adequate watering features.

Who wants to experience the feeling of living in 'green' will be able to do on a rental basis. It will thus be possible to obtain actual data regarding the monitored parameters, along with the comments and feelings of the tenants.

You may see firsthand the implementation of very different bioclimatic techniques.

The idea is to reduce energy and water costs to a minimum and to use renewable energy sources and treatment plants to supply the homes of light, water ...

The distribution and orientation of each of the houses has been carefully studied to achieve its full integration into the landscape. It thus avoids the environmental impact

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