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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bathrooms in small spaces

Bathrooms in small spaces

Small half bath in a small space

THIN. This elongated toilet suitable distribution to better utilize the space has been put toilets on two parallel fronts. Two toilets free on a long counter on one side stood next to a wall lined with a mirror as to its fullest extent, so that the space seem larger .. The shower, with a screen that does not shorten the space, moved to the opposite side.

In a small bathroom, a sliding door is very useful because it does not take place when opened. Other ideas to save space: replace bathtub shower, put shelves as corners or take advantage of irregularities in the plant.

In a small bedroom with en-suite, such as this, a very successful formula for free meters is replacing partitions with a sliding door. Etched glass doors, as this slide, allowing natural light to flow from one room to another and does not interrupt the space, giving greater visual range. At the same time maintaining the privacy that requires the bedroom. A round basin, small and suspended on the wall, like this one from Duravit, gaining ground.

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