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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The dining room, a space on the verge of being extinguished in the houses

The dining room, a space on the verge of being extinguished in the houses

Our dining room is going to disappear, the structure of our home, we know as it is going to change to become the another best one adapted to our basic needs. The práticas houses and equipment of easy use will be the tone of the future bets in which we will realise our daily life.

The consumers will transform, they will add and reflect on the traditional use of the space adapting it to his rate of life and needs. WGSN, Global Worth Style Network, company leader in investigation, analysis and prediction of tendencies in fashion, design, retail and consumption, is developing that the houses in which we lived and the norms that we have followed during many centuries, will be put under an important transformation as a result of a change in the style of life of the present society.

The dining room, first division that will be eliminated of the homes according to the analysts, and will follow the living room to him. The transformation pointed for year 2020 will be a natural consequence of the new needs, nevertheless this one will have to do in front of some architectonic obstacles that they have to be surpassed. The changes, applied mainly to products and technology that allow one better management of the space, will allow to unite or to separate the members of the family as is necessary.

To transform, to add and to reflect will be some of the concepts adopted in the transformation of the houses, anticipating themselves a progressive development in the traditional use of the space. Some analysts advance some of the options of the new tendency (the mini additional houses that will be able to be suspended in the facades of the houses).

The lack of money, the fear hereby and the future, as well as the stress that more and more affects a great part of the society, will make of the house the best place to recover energies.

The technology that is and will continue being crucial, will less assume a new tendency overturned for high tech, privileging the accessibility and the democratization. It can thus be said that the technology will be allied still more to the multifunctionality, to simplify the day to day of all the people.

The new forms to live will surround more demographic types: single woman, young people who live single during long periods of time before initiating a family, as well as old that lives single after the death of the spouse. Therefore, considering all the fundamental aspects that they are mentioned it is important that the architects have sensitivity to perceive what the society needs and demands.

The combination of a good design with the tactile use of the senses, elements, the technology responsible and the simplification for the day to day of the inhabitants, is the secret for the success of any architect.

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