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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Order in house: using baskets

Order in house: using baskets

It organizes the interior of the closets with baskets; they are economic than the drawers,

You have the filled closets of the kitchen? If the work surface is ample, takes advantage of the wall to put shelves and locates in them conserves, bottles, cereals, fruit or fresh vegetable. So that the kitchen does not seem a supermarket, resorts to baskets and keeps in them foods grouped by categories for volverte crazy not looking for a concrete tin. It stores bottles and other heavy products in baskets with handle you will move and them without effort.

If you have shelves with much depth, you contorsiones not to reach what guards to the bottom; hazte the most comfortable life storing to your things within baskets or boxes and tries that they have handle you take hold so that them with facility. It places in the very high shelves and in which it is level with the ground the objects that you use less, since they turn out uncomfortable to manipulate. Ten the precaution of not putting heavy objects in the basket of above or will cost more effort to you to move it

With baskets and shelves you can organize a pantry. Fíjate in this photo; with two shelves - one of them is extraíble- and fiber baskets you have a furniture to store to fruits and vegetables. It is very decorative combined with the closets of the kitchen

You have an extended kitchen and narrows? Good taking note of this idea: in the wall that there is against the zone of baking you can install a table like this one, very practical to extend the work surface. In addition this system, with extraíbles shelves and baskets, will allow to remove the maximum party you to the space and to always by hand have the bread, the fruit or vegetables. But it tries to cover the interior of the baskets so that the ground is not soiled.

It uses baskets to organize the movable bar. But they ten the precaution to reinforce its bottom with a wood plate lamina so that, when you want to remove them from the furniture, they are not become deformed by the weight.

It avoids that the toys of the children are thrown by the ground of their room. A bank with extraíbles baskets, placed underneath the seat, will help to hide peluches and other dolls you when they finish playing

In order to have located them, it classifies the lingerie and guárdala in baskets identified with labels

Some articles do not need to be hung, so you can reserve a zone of your closet to divide it with several shelves. In some of the shelves you can also put baskets of vegetal fiber and of metallic grid. Inside this closet both were combined. It observes that those of fiber they are framed with wood to handle them with facility

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