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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Appropriate places to put the microwave in her kitchen

Appropriate places to put the microwave in her kitchen

We do not always know where to put the microwave in our kitchen. It is very important to note, to give him his space, which is the size and function, as there are a variety of designs.

Think about where to place it at a time that fits the venue, with proper ventilation.

Here the microwave passes desaspercibido. Located in the black cabinet near the window.

The microwave is placed strategically in a place that does not bother the person who cooks a nice quiet meal.

The microwave is located on the corner where you can easily access

The oven is placed in an open place.

The microwave oven is placed at the bottom between the dishwasher and refrigerator.

A classic place for the microwave, is comfortably above the kitchen or furniture vitro and on both sides to put items.

The site of the microwave into a wall of open-ended in the kitchen makes it easy to carry hot meals to other rooms in the house. Or, here, invited to eat at the kitchen table.

The microwave is hidden in the far right of the counter in the center, the door rises and retracts back into space. Keep the door open, while the microwave is cooled as in this case there is no air space behind the microwave.

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