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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Environment feng shui in your bedroom

Environment feng shui in your bedroom

Feng shui is the art of placement, or the art of fluency. Its literal translation is wind and water and China is an ancient method of designing cities, houses and interiors, which helps us to live in harmony with the elements and natural forces on earth.

The colors in the room according to feng shui: The walls should be of soft pastel colors and carpets should be light colored to blend with other items in the bedroom. The sheets, pillowcases, blankets and pillows (which must be all natural fabrics and synthetic) should also be of pastel colors. Avoid bright colors like red and instead use soft colors that induce relaxation and calm.
In Feng Shui also imports the time, place greater importance increases their time spent on it. Therefore, the bedroom becomes the most important place in the home and must ensure privacy and rest.

The bed and its position within this space is the most important in Feng Shui for the bedroom. Its location must follow certain premises.

The head of the bed should be located in the far corner of the door. The bed is not aligned with the door. We use support beds, to have protected the head. Behind the bed there should be no mirrors or windows. If you have inevitably a window, you'll place good heavy curtains. If we have a mirror, place it in another place.
On the head there should be no shelves or niches, not heavy-framed paintings.
No headboard
Although it is a practice very implanted the absence of solid headboard is a problem because it tends to create instability and generate long-term physical and emotional exhaustion. The headboard can go or not attached to the body of the bed and not have to be developed, can be simple: a wood or wood covered with cloth is sufficient.

A bed in a front window or door is subjected to a strong flow of Chi and the result is a great loss of energy. Try to sleep in another position or in another room for at least one weeks to see if the problems are or not caused by the bedpost.

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