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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Decorative cabinet to store objects

Decorative cabinet to store objects

In a home is a need for furniture that will make us store various objects, original design and an aesthetically pleasing and elegant.

The furniture in the shape of stairs while not the most use of space because obviously in the lower area of the stairs could save more if you give more height, but in this type of furniture is looking for a balance between utility and originality level and these units offer multiple decorative possibilities.

These ladder-shaped furniture are usually quite large, can be placed on any convenient wall or console and on the steps that form the ladder can be placed embellishments such as photo frames, vases with flowers etc is very original effect plants, especially in some of the steps above and if they are hanging better.

Furthermore, this type of furniture can be placed in the middle of a room if you want to use as a separator of spaces, or to separate the dining hall or to isolate an area such as dressing or study corner in a bedroom ... Simply place the furniture along the desired separation zone, and the result will be perfect, we can complement with decorative details.

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