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Saturday, May 15, 2010

To save space: sofa that turns into bunk

To save space: sofa that turns into bunk

This cabinet helps save space at home is a sofa, but a special sofa, with a relatively simple, it becomes a magnificent litter design.

It serves to furnish studies, studies always used the sofa bed as a solution to have a unique space for all uses, this allows us to have not one but two beds occupying the same surface course is perfect as a sofa any home you want to have beds for guests etc.

The Doc XL sofa is called is a proposal from Resource Furniture in its section on space-saving furniture that becomes litter and installation is fairly simple.

The sofa also has a corresponding ladder to climb to the top bunk and also may serve as semibarrera aviation safety and security, as to finish the sofa color options are numerous, we can choose a sofa in a neutral tone like image but also in bright colors like red, green or yellow if we are thinking of placing it for example in a nursery or juvenile.

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