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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Decorte home with curtains and blinds on windows

Decorte home with curtains and blinds on windows

Give your room a touch of naturalness and warmth with bamboo curtains, jute, rope, wood, ideal for creating comfortable environments

Light curtains and blinds blinds

They are made of organza, linen, silk and fine cottons. A selection of very cool fabric blinds to let in light without losing privacy ..

The solution to this room with terrace has been built from straw blinds hung around after the cast, who just take up space

For this room, decorated in blue and white curtains were chosen with a beautiful fabric Ybarra & Serret, in the same shades, pleated at the top that collect flight. The bar is bolted to the roof and cover only the window.

Shades and blinds
To dress this window was chosen a patterned fabric flowers, Maison Decor. The pattern is balanced with some hard facts to light blinds curtain fabric. Everything is hung inside the plaster.

This room is filled with color from the fabrics used. Two drops Japanese side and three panels in the center, dress the windows

The natural color of the blinds have been pleased with some raspberry falls in the large window, and frets in the same fabric on the other

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