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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Coffee table convertible in dining table

Coffee table convertible in dining table

Currently there are many people against the coffee table in the lounge, many believe that occupy the space between the couch and the TV is unnecessary, that the functions performed by the coffee table or ottoman serves as an assistant or some other element , but the fact that the coffee table may be somewhat redundant.

This can be rather useful, to serve some snacks or drink, to support the laptop when not in use, place the television controls, ashtray in the case of smoking, newspapers, books ... And of course the star role, rest your feet at a time of relaxation, but if that were not enough, there is a more interesting concept is that of multi-purpose center tables such as this table from Resource Furniture.

The table is designed for locations where there is not much space, the idea is that at one table serves as a center and a dining room, because if we want to celebrate a special meal and increases the open quietly serving up to six people.

Open the table is really simple and multiplies both the table height as your working surface, the perfect complement to folding chairs have a room without taking up much space at home.

It's simple opening system, which is essential in this type of elements, there are some tables that are needed to open two or more people, this however for the service provided seems really easy. They come in different colors

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