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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Original Lamps

Original Lamps

This flexible light shield is designed by Marta Wajda. Instead of being a rigid structure like any conventional lamp is the closest thing to a very versatile piece of cloth that can be placed anywhere where we need.

It can be placed in various positions to illuminate the rooms in various forms.
If we hang on all four corners on the ceiling, as a "floating roof" will give an even light across a room.
But if we hang on one side of the roof, will make "lighted curtain" which will give light to the room and we also will serve as a room divider.

The lamp is composed of woven wire mesh Lumitec semipermeable and are LED bulbs that can illuminate in various colors: white, turquoise, yellow, lime, red, green and blue.

We can vary the intensity of light to create warm environments, comfortable and romantic environment by downloading and uploading more assets to the maximum intensity.

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