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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Models for home sofas

Models for home sofas

I think the most important in a room is the sofa, and the market is very wide. The election will take it out under different criteria. Of course our taste is the key factor, but also our custom, the space available, the number of family members etc.

For convenience prevails over the whole model of sofa with chaise longue. It is a highly recommended choice for modern aesthetics rectangular rooms, which prevents narrow place two sofas L.

SOFA 3 + 2

Two sofas placed at right angles forming an L, is the best option to stay sharply square, and several family members as having two sofas, the number of seats available


The sofa online is one of the most used, and currently a shortage of meters of housing limits us greatly in furnishing opportunities, and the sofa online is the least committed space


Many times the size of the home forces us to choose a sofa to measure, for these rooms, the best option are sofas that will allow us to remove or modules as we please, and therefore increase or decrease the size of the sofa according to our needs.


If the number of family members is high, a type of sofa that will bring us better results are such. Simulate two sofas placed in L, but do not entail the loss of space between each other, but this is replaced by a corner seat.


The chair or sofa in a square is the perfect complement to any other option, a way to fill spots that may remain in the room, and a good option to include an additional seat when we can not add a second sofa.


The sleeper sofa will make available an extra room whenever you need it. It is a piece that has changed considerably, and the quality that appears today, makes it perfectly suited for daily use. Easily manageable, the opening is done with quick movements and composition of the mattress or box spring is the decision of consumers themselves.


The storage capacity of the houses is always limited. Like the beds, couches allow us to convert the space under your seat in a large cabinet in which to save large objects that do not use regularly, such as luggage, clothes from other seasons ...

Reclining Back SOFAS

To adjust the height of the back of our sofa, and its inclination to our position, the market offers multiposition reclining sofas with backs, so that we find among them the healthiest for our neck, and in turn the most comfortable for the function that we develop at any time, watch TV, read the newspaper, sleeping ...


There sofas with mechanisms that shape their seats as we please, raising the footrest and reclining backrest. This movement takes place through a command that includes the sofa and sometimes massage can include features for running, relaxing massages ...

Our sofa upholstery determine the style of it, both in color as the fabric and upholstery.
- The skins are used primarily to create space design, whether classic or modern. Print add elegance and beauty that provides all natural. It is a timeless material, cool in summer and warm in winter. It is strong and flexible, which makes it the very sofa he suits our body. It has the advantage that the beauty of the skin increases with time.

The textile coatings effectively adapt to whatever the dominant style. They are easy to maintain, stain resistant characteristics are presented, moisture-proof, they are removable, washable ... is durable and resistant to sunlight and wear and tear.

The quilted upholstery, whose beauty is world renowned for the legendary sofa chester, becomes harder than ever to adapt to environments retro but has never disappeared from the classical stage.

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