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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Illuminates the paths in your garden

Illuminates the paths in your garden

Sometimes think illuminate the paths of your garden is believed to mean high cost. The best way is, unequivocally, a solution that combines design, decoration and low power consumption, how high can be the first investment. An example: Catwalk-a.

Catwalk-a is a product of Minimis proposing a different approach to garden lighting and external LED using concealed within steel panels and durable white polycarbonate. The panels are installed above the gravel soils, are paved, garden or even in water. By day it's a path that leads the visitors to walk inside or outside. At night, a source of light to gently illuminate outdoor LED asimétricos.Las patterns arranged under the polycarbonate panels draw amazing and attractive light patterns, as handfuls of fireflies, describing points of spirals with varying intensity. And the best: consume only two dollars of electricity a year.

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