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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stairs very modern extravagant

Stairs very modern extravagant

This ladder has been created by Spanish Jordi Vayreda. Apparently it does not appear to support the weight of a human being, but confirms that Vayreda can withstand 200 kilos. This staircase is made of steel.

Skateboard Staircase

Designer Thomas Heatherwick creator of this impressive staircase of 55 tons of steel to open shop in New York Longchamps has received praise from all angles. Building the staircase was apparently a logistical nightmare.

"A secret staircase hidden in the main reception room, access to a bedroom illuminated by ceiling lights. For limited space was a 'library staircase' in which the steps of the oak staircase and shelves are fully covered books. With a skylight for lighting up the ladder,

The two sets of stairs surprising are the Didden Village project by Dutch architectural firm MVRDV. The project itself is a complement to the roof in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The exterior is in stark contrast to its surroundings (and may not be for everyone)

Space-saving staircase

These steep, narrow stairs occupy a space no bigger than a closet and boxes were made of pine economic

Escalators for designer Roberto Semprini Edilco

The designers often have a very clever thinking to redefine the common place products and articles. See, for example, the folding ladder design industrial designer Aaron Tang. Although basically looks and works like a ladder, allowing the passage to another environment by opening and closing.

Using only the hinges and pistons, ladder can be doubled to the wall for more room on the lower level or restrict access to higher level. Or is this ladder is designed to open or close the upstairs and down

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