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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Decorating with the color of the walls

Decorating with the color of the walls

If you want to change the color of the walls of your house for a bold color and sophisticated, one option is to choose a palette inspired by wine tones that are both warm and cold. Here are some tips

Two shades of purple give this room a feeling vibrant and upholstered furniture in neutral tones give this lively wall balance.

Relaxing and sophisticated

A soft plum is less jarring than some other shades of purple, and appropriate for an elegant bedroom. Limit the single color for the walls and try to put all the white linen to give it balance.

The red paint gives life to a kitchen and is a choice when combined with sophisticated neutrals and bright appliances stainless steel. Highlight a wall with this intense shade of red or be brave and give it a coat of paint to the four walls.

The walls in shades of burgundy, combined with dark wood tones create a warm and enveloping atmosphere. A patterned carpet in shades and coordinated decorative pillows enhance the color scheme. The colored sofa stands out among the tones a bit strong and distracts attention from the striking room.

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