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Monday, July 12, 2010

Give more space to your house without doing work

Give more space to your house without doing work

The balanced distribution of furniture and the proper use of light, color and imagination to save your floor space will appear larger.

Autumn is the season of change: keep the summer clothes, it is our home with carpets, curtains and reinforced thermal insulation and air conditioning to combat the effects of winter. In this process it is easy to accumulate 'stuff' that reduce your living space. That's why experts advise to use the "time of change 'to shed weight and improve your quality of life and to save energy.
To take advantage of the space you have to think "in three dimensions" and assess the capacity of the rooms and the volume of objects. Interior designers and builders are advised to use light, color, furniture, accessories and distribution to give greater feeling of spaciousness. It is not necessary to do any work at home. Sometimes with a little imagination you get so much more than a large reform.

Playing with colors and lighting is one of the most widely used resource for achieving a broader sense. The colors suitable for small spaces are light shades, especially white. With regard to materials, glass brings light, say the interior of BoConcept.

For his part, Luis Jimenez, director of the Technical Office of the Quantity Surveyors in Madrid, agreed to highlight the usefulness of the clear calm tones to keep the light in the room. Also notes that, while cool colors (green, blue, violet, and combinations thereof) provide a sense of freshness, nature and depth, the warm colors (yellow, orange, red, and combinations thereof) attract eyes to such objects.

When to apply different types of lighting the interior Mariana Rochelt, the Global Interiors firm, advises use of natural light by using mirrors and curtains with transparent fabrics. It also recommends artificially illuminate the walls and ceilings, in case you do not enjoy the sunlight.

It is not advisable to overload the room with furniture. It will be helpful, as stated in BoConcept, the use of multipurpose furniture have different functions, such as beanbag bed, bookcase bed, sofa bed, coffee table with storage space, furniture or hung on the wall decoration while serving and storage.

The organic forms (no rounded corners) improve the performance of the distribution of a small apartment and the furniture in suspension hanging on the wall, experts advise Stone Designs.

Another trick that reveals the interior Jorge Fuentes, F. Study Interior, is to use predominantly light furnishings and combine it with light fabrics, and then distribute the items incorporating some asymmetry to energize the space.

It is advisable to distribute the furniture along the walls of the room, clear the central space of the rooms and furniture suar shallow and simple lines, as revealed in BoConcept.

As for the separation of spaces within the home, from Stone Designs reveal some tricks: to develop at half height partitions or use items such as shelving with or without wheels to increase the possibilities in the separation of environments.

A resource equally useful by Mariana Rochelt, Global interior designer, is to divide the rooms using the furniture and walls without the use of full, as they often create spaces "dead" as doorways. If height permits, the expert also advised to create a mezzanine.

To win square meters "useful" can build luggage in the aisles or even lowering the height to add the balcony or terrace lounge. Yes, as Luis Jimenez recalls, these issues require technical advice and works must be made in consultation with the community. In this case, do not forget to ask for aid and grants.

If we want to give the home a touch warmer, is best done with accessories. "We have put a few pieces that combine well with each other to unify the spaces," they say in BoConcept. Place mirrors on the walls can help create a greater feeling of spaciousness. Although they are useful materials that reflect light, as explained in Studio F. Interior.

As for your garage, there are also technological resources at your fingertips so you can maximize the parking space.
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