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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Candles to decorate Christmas

Candles to decorate Christmas

One of the most attractive and economical ways of creating a spirit of Christmas at home is putting arrangements with candles. Cheap, versatile, bright ... the candles are an ornament, high adaptation, you can use in any room, and with different styles: as centerpieces, door trim, as a custodian in the hall beneath the tree.

Here are some ideas to do with candles and Christmas elements

For a modern touch, place a candle in a clear, in a square glass container, then add the corn kernels halfway up the height of the candle.

Candles and branches

Surrounding a group of candles in orange with a dry branch. The set will be fresh and natural, and the brightness of the flame will be multiplied and tones light the candles.

Candles and cereals

This is for small sails: Use an earthenware dish, and surround them cereal, rice or any grain you have on hand. The mix of natural textures do the rest.

Rafia and old suitcases
Decorate an old suitcase or wooden box with raffia, and use it as a base for candles of the same color and in a staggered arrangement.

Green candles and raffia

White raffia works wonders on a green candle finishing rough. The white cloth printed an almost vegetal quality to the candle, and the same time gives it a Christmas stamp.

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