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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Decorating a nursery

Decorating a nursery

Kids love to have their rooms decorated, here are some ideas

If your child likes animals, you can encourage this inclination beautiful pictures of little animals, use animal print fabrics for curtains, sheets, bedspreads, cushions. In this room the walls painted stripes combine well with other orange and red colors chosen

If the child is curious with the fauna and flora, if you collect twigs, insects, and all sorts of little critters, you can decorate your room with this topic. Use shades of blue, blue and green, drawing on the wall plants, frogs, insects.

If it's a girl, sure loves bright colors. pink, yellow, green, blue, you will feel happy in a world with all the colors of the rainbow.

For those who are interested in unknown life forms, using motifs of this type is not a bad idea.

If two or more children who must share a room, bunk beds are always a good option, especially if the room is small. This room is ideal for such a girl and a boy. With the choice of colors, red and blue, the two feel very comfortable.

A teenage girl almost like hearts, polka dots, swirls, pop decor is sure to love.

These tones are very desirable for a teenager's room. It is no longer a child, but neither is a woman, so we still like the bright colors, but not so for children.

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