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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tips for keeping a house

Tips for keeping a house

Keep the inside of the cabinets

If they are lined with wood or lacquer, review it with a cloth dampened with mild soap and then dry it thoroughly with a damp lint-free cotton. Ventílalos often and placed inside a small bowl with salt to avoid dampness. Periodically, remove the dust from the inside with a dry cloth.

Clean radiators

Before cleaning, protects the wall with newspaper. To remove dust from all corners, use a painter's brush or a limpiabiberones water with detergent and bleach. Periodically passes with the vacuum cleaner nozzle thinner and narrower. It can be sprayed on the radiator a product based detergent and ammonia. To use a spray rinse with water.

Cover holes in the wall

To relocate tables or shelves, are the holes. To hide them, Rascal and cover it with putty with a spatula. Let dry, sand the area and paint the wall the same color as the rest.

Ironing Tips

Please browse the clothes are wet. The folded sheets are ironed and embroidery, carvings and clothing in which you want to avoid glare, are ironed on the reverse.

It uses steam for the wrinkled fabrics, linen or cotton. Ironing is not recommended for lycra, stretch it and bend. For plastic parts, used heavy brown paper between the board and the garment. The plate will slide better with double padding on the table.

Fix wallpaper

If you have raised edges, stick them with special glue for wallpaper. Apply with a fine brush in the area up and remove excess with a clean wet sponge. If you have stains, clean them early to avoid dry. Cut pieces of blotting paper and apply the hot iron on the paper.

Bright Tiles

To remove the remains of plaster after a dam, when the dough dry and clean the tiles, sprayed with a silicone-based polish. Will shine, seal the white mass and maintain the color longer. And if you want to prevent mold, applied directly with a paint brush and water kills mold.

Wash painted walls

To clean, remove dust regularly with a cloth. If the paint is washable and the walls are very dirty, apply a sponge soaked in warm water and add a tablespoon of baking soda or two of bleach per gallon of water. Make this operation from the bottom up to avoid marks on the wall dry. Rinse with water and ends from a damp cloth, starting at the top. In the paint is not washable, you can try to remove stains by using an eraser or bread crumbs.

Source: Revista El Furniture

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