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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Decorating small houses

Decorating small houses

With the price of housing through the roof, the floors of small size have become the best or the only option for many people.
We give you some ideas that will help one get the most out of your home.
The main advice is the same color, While on the roofs should be given a lighter shade than the walls in every room of your house. This way you'll look like a mayor and drive. Choose a light color and light for the entire house: white, sand or beige.
The lighting is essential, if you do not have windows or skylights sufientes clear screens and lights put airships that scatter light to the corners.
Quality bulbs and lamps art will make your home look much larger
A good idea to maximize space is to get rid of partitions. Once an open space, you can separate areas with screens or sliding doors.
As for the furniture, choose woods Claritas, very natural, very lightweight design. The white steel and glass will be three great allies for your space. Also committed to the furniture convertible ottoman bed, folding tables, coffee table that turns into a dining table ...
One of the areas that most causes problems is the bathroom. Under the sink there's always room for a cabinet with drawers
Unifies all materials: the floor, curtains, doors ..., making the space seem larger. The shelves are another good solution to put cosmetics, hygiene products, dryer ...
Towels occupy much space, but with a towel-radiator, as well as keep them warm in winter, you will gain much room, since Iran parallel to the wall.
The bedroom is one of the main rooms. The bed can be used for much more than sleeping. By day can become a chair, or may have drawers to store shoes, books, clothes ... which details how this affects the light or the orientation of the bed Affecting the sense of space.
Finally, imprecindible keep order, if we succeed in our study ordered that space does not seem minor, which is what we get when there are too many things in between.

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