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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ideas for living in small apartments

Ideas for living in small apartments

The colors of the walls
It is known that light colors, especially white, this expanding space by opting for pastel shades of any color is preferred. Avoid dark colors and warm too strong or bright.
Another aspect that is often overlooked are the continuation of the colors on the way to different rooms. An apartment painted the same color or similar colors in different rooms, gives a sense of continuity and consistency that increases the space visually have no color limits.

Type, shape, color and distribution of furniture
Not only just the right choice of colors, the furniture is the key to select in the use of space. Small furniture, particularly furniture low to the height of the tables, generate free walls and space in the visual field of the occupants.

If you have the economic opportunity, send to your custom furniture. It will be the best way to make the small space well.

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kelly jones said...

oh! this is such a lovely blog!i am glad that i came across here....... its being nice to be acknowledged by your amazing blog! the apartment is too good! i would love to have one for me.

i will be back to see more new ideas from you on living in small apartments.

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