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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Step by step to paint a striped wall

Step by step to paint a striped wall

We show you the cheapest and easiest way to update a white wall: painted several horizontal gray lines and get a nice two-tone effect. Hands-on brush


The horizontal stripes will make the room seem wider, also give it a much more current.


Valon Extramate acrylic paint, tone, E 372, Valentine, 6 €, a level, a roll of 18 cm wide approx., 3,50 €, a brush, 2,90 €, a paint drip tray, 2 € , a measuring tape, masking tape, 1.50 €, and protective role for the floor.

Take action with the tape measure and mark with a pencil thickness of each stripe (35 cm). Repeat the process at several points that will go perfectly straight lines

With a pencil. To prevent them from becoming twisted, use a level and see the lines tracing from one extreme to another, with reference marks.

The door and skirting with tape, put it very well protecting the edges so you can paint without fear of smearing the paint.

4. PON masking tape
Throughout the entire wall, from top to bottom, to mark the beginning and end of each line. This allows you to paint without any fear that the colors are mixed.

5. Apply paint
First a tone and then the other, moving from left. to right. To be more uniform, gives two layers. And a tip: do tests before color.

6. Remove tape
But make sure the paint is dry. Start with the frame, then the baseboard, finally removed the stripes. You've got the perfectly painted room!

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Hilary said...

Love the gray stripe!

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