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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Children's Room Decor shared

Children's Room Decor shared

The bunks or cabins, trundle beds, wood paneling, are good choices for decorating a nursery in which two, three or more siblings have to share space.

Here are some examples of rooms for children and youth that will aid you in planning your child's room.

To achieve multiply the space to store and maintain order in the room, you can choose a trundle bed, and place a custom cabinet with drawers under the window.

For some children, the "jump" from the cradle to the bed is too big. In these cases, extensible beds are a great help for parents. They are only 80 cm. wide, but can be lengthened (80 cm. to 165 cm. and 200 cm.) as the child grows.

You can also choose a trundle bed like the photo of the bottom drawers simulates a front, but it is actually a bed.

The bunks or cabins are ideal to take advantage of space in a room of children. Now featuring nest or drawers. For example, place the cross and make space for a desk.

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