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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Decorate your home or office

Decorate your home or office

If you're one of those people who love and prefer independent work to find ways to work from home, then you're probably thinking how to get your workspace without disturbing too much current household decoration. Many people around the world with these interests do not have large homes with several rooms and space to set up a studio or office only for this, then you must find some way to have your own workplace.

How can find a place to stay "hidden" in the rest of the decor and does not affect too much the current distribution of home? Well, thank god there are always thinking designers such solutions, especially given that many need to save space and still have the comfort you need. It is not an easy task, but the truth after learning that this product will show then I discovered that everything can be and that there are no excuses to have our own home office.

This is the Box Office Armoire. It is a simple box that converts into a comfortable personal office. These offices can be moved from one place to another house because of its wheels and interesting weight. They are created by designer aluminum Tushihiko Hazama, and its cost is about $ 1800. Maybe a little expensive, but the truth is that inspired our creation our own office. Is not it true?

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