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Monday, August 23, 2010

Decorating for Mother's Day

Decorating for Mother's Day

Comes Mother's Day and with it a special and unique moment just this year. It is a time to keep out and share our beautiful mothers a special day. All mothers know and love them very much. We will not deny that for the rest of the year we deny and sometimes they get angry to a certain point where we do not want or see, but the truth is that this love we feel for it do not control us. Just "is" and we feel well. She is our mother and all mothers wish you a beautiful day with their loved ones.

Since we offer interior decorating, children, grandchildren or even mothers, decorate a little house to greet the guests. Probably receive many phone calls and will be gently caressed the soul against many greetings and kisses. To decorate our home a little bit and give it a special freshness to this day I would like to share with you a simple activity.

Let's do a simple vase with bottles or jars. This activity is really quite simple. We just need a few bottles, flowers and a little paint color they like. First wash them well and let dry, then put paint inside and move the bottle until it is completely covered inside. Let dry and put water and our beautiful flowers. Now that we have these simple vases we refresh our table and invite our loved ones to enjoy a delicious snack. Congratulations.

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