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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Furniture and accessories for children's bedrooms

Furniture and accessories for children's bedrooms

Soft tones

Choose furniture and fabrics in the same tone to achieve a balanced environment.
Commitment to the furniture finishing raw or white tones, are bright and get a sense of harmony and tranquility ideal for the nursery. If you choose the same color, you can mix different furniture styles.


A simple way to give it a child is to replace the cabinet knobs with more fun. You'll find models printed with all sorts of reasons, but if you prefer, you can order to draw the same reason that decorates the walls and bedding.

Occasional Furniture

A small service unit will be very convenient to have on hand the products necessary to change the child.

Wooden base

Protects the bottom of the wall with a wooden base. Pine and spruce are most commonly used varieties, they are soft woods, light colors are perfect for staining or painting. Combine it with a discrete espampados paper. Socket by a cabinetmaker. Paper, Canvas of Gazules. Dijous wooden doll.

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