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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Change your home decor

Change your home decor

You can give back to your home, you can very easily get reupholstering sofas, changing curtains, adding color accents, decorating cabinets or wall papering.

Wall papering

The simple fact of just the wall paper of the headboard, and change the image of a bedroom. There are many wallpapers for choice: plain, textured, issued fabrics, prints in streaks ... part to unify and paint finished off her marriage to the roof with a valance, as a cornice.

Renew Carpet

One of the easiest ways to renew the lounge, either plain or patterned. If you choose stamped, all attention will be focused on it. But take care that their colors coordinated with the upholstery, curtains or cushions, and note that the tones in beige, yellow and white give space and brightness.

Touch of color

In the nursery, rather than change the color of the wall, put a natural fiber blinds painted a bold color. If you put on each page also gain space. To integrate them into the decor, paint to match some furniture and coordinating bedding and cushions.

Modernize your windows with blinds

Replaces the old curtains for a light linen blinds to gain brightness.

Change the tapestry of your furniture

This formula is effective forever. Not only changes the image of the furniture, also the space which is intended

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