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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

'Sofa infinite' by Patricia Urquiola

'Sofa infinite' by Patricia Urquiola

Asturian architect and designer Patricia Urquiola lives and works in Milan. From his headquarters shapes the hundreds of orders to knock down his desk. The major design firms and decor are the raffle (Alessi, Moroso, Molteni, Kartell ...). Not for. Chairs, tables, clocks, lamps, the most varied and original objects ... If someone wants to take a look at some of his works without traveling very far, it is close to the Art Center of Gijon, the furniture in the lobby, shop and wardrobe bears his imprint. But we're going somewhere (whether electronic or otherwise) have met with their lamps Caboche (with Eliana Gerotto) and Bague for Foscarini, the bench seats Fjord for Moroso, and classical and industrial design as the couch Lowland (also for Moroso) and One container (Kartell).

One of his latest creations (fresh from the market) by the name of BendSofá, was presented to society in the design week in Milan and is the project number 1000 for the signature B & B Italia, nice gift ... A seat in a primary, structure and monolithic appearance that gives the feeling of having been concocted by craftsmen: "an object initially conceived as a bank, describes its author, Patricia Urquiola," a very simpllificado sofa, partly handmade and partly in 3D " .
It's like a couch infinite appearance reminds us Place modular sofa that the great Tom Dixon conducted in 2008 for Vitra, with whose parts, modules, you can "play" like a puzzle, giving rise to multiple combinations . It is a product designed to be placed (and enjoyed, of course) in both the domestic (able to adapt to the square meters of which one has) and in workplaces, institutions ...
Bend with the analysis of 3D models and digital opportunities. A seat that expressed very effectively the idea of motion obtained by alternating open and closed volumes, full and empty. The contrast stitching give rise to a new drawing on its surface which is characterized by irregular support and rolling elements.

Of course, and we have said, one of its most cherished values is flexibility in terms of solutions of composition: content-size versions of linear, angular, two-sided seats, iconic presence to 360 degrees ... It is true that transforms the idea hard couch, matted for life watching television. Let's continue with the dissection.
The back has an irregular shape at all compromise the comfort. The curved units, assembled from seats, corner elements and poufs, draw a couch ... yes, shattered the usual visual.

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