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Monday, September 20, 2010

Ideas for reforming home without spending much

Ideas for reforming your home without spending much

We like to share with you. these ideas to reform a flat or a house without having to spend much money on it.

The life of coatings is longer than the furniture and bathroom accessories; renew the latter by current models is the key to making a dramatic shift to the environment. The replacement of fittings, lighting, even the bathtub for a shower, does not require major works and improves outcome

The game of contrasts between light and dark colors is an ideal resource when you need to create a sense of depth, also painted in vertical stripes extend to the height of the space view. Two options that will considerably increase the environment visually.

Due to the special conditions of a space like the kitchen, every day is affected by the presence of smoke and grease, a simple and convenient option to renew your walls is to cover some of them with acrylic paint, which is characterized by its resistance to water and stains.

"Curtains or blinds?
Maybe it's time to renew the image of the windows. When the goal is to provide leadership, nothing better than a printed fabric and a nice bar. And if the trail drops a few inches above the ground, his presence is even more remarkable

It's amazing the change that can work the new decorative stickers. Murals complete plants or geometric details ... are many possibilities, and that stick to any surface, yes, smooth and clean

Partitions and walls without works
Knauf plasterboard systems like or have the potential to divide space or create new distributions with a simple installation that minimizes the work. They are very versatile materials that allow custom designs, half-height walls and solutions, for example, improve light penetration.

The return of wallpaper.

After years in obscurity, loud prints returned in force to the collections of wallpapers. That itself is a tendency to use them only to emphasize certain areas such as the headboard wall, the dining room or a socket in the hallway.

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