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Friday, September 17, 2010

Decorate with plants beneficial

Decorate with plants beneficial

Areca palm tree is the best air purifying plants according to the qualifications of the NASA research according to Dr. Wolverton. This house plant is known as "the most efficient air humidifier" The Areca has the ability to keep your office or home moist during periods of drought, as well as the elimination of chemical toxins in the air. During the winter season, is very effective to humidify the air so you can turn off their electric humidifiers!

The Bamboo palm is the most important plant to eliminate the formaldehyde in the air. Maintains clean the air in the room. This plant grows best in a moist but not wet, and direct sunlight. However, this palm requires a lot of room to grow, so can not be the best option if you want this plant to decorate your desktop.


The Boston fern plant was effective in removing formaldehyde and eliminates more per hour than the rest of the plants tested.
Studies have also shown that the Boston fern also eliminates heavy metals such as mercury and arsenic from the soil.

Rubber Plant

"This plant rubber provides moisture, eliminates bio effluent is carried volatile organic compounds and microorganisms suppresses As time passes the rubber plant will be much more effective in removing toxic compounds in the air. Since plant growth, increase micro-organisms.
This increase in the number of bacteria helps the rubber plant in the house to the removal of toxic air compounds.

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