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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Creative ways in which to place your TV at home

Creative ways in which to place your TV at home

Hang the TV on the side

This TV takes a back seat when off. Jeffery Povero designer did not try to hide the television, but chose not to make the focal point of the room. Hung to the left of the centerline and emphasized art and fireplace.
Photo: Courtesy of Jeffery Povero

Keep the television in custom cabinetry
Living in a small space, custom cabinets are a way of ensuring the organization and operation of a room. Designers Andrew Halliday and David Greer have placed this TV in oak cabinet.
Photo: Thomas Loof

Add a small television in the kitchen
To cook with your favorite cooking show, this little TV Sharp hangs on a shelf. In this way, does not occupy any space on the counter.
Photo: José Picayo

Hang a TV in a geometric design
The owner of this study can see four different TVs at once! Designer Jeffrey Noel these televisions hung on the wall, creating a geometric artwork.
Photo: Nick Johnson

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