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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Designs of kitchens that embellish their home

Designs of kitchens that embellish their home

Free of trastos of kitchen Judith Barrett designed its kitchen organized very and easy to use

The designer Emily O' Keefe designed the cabinets with enchantment in this small kitchen since the space were reduced

Californian kitchen A column that has all type of electrical wiring and plumbing - crosses the room and it was not possible to be moved. So the designer Sandra IBRD worked around her, constructing four areas: an area to cook with all the range, a buffet for the table, a writing-desk, and soon a zone of baking in the back.

This elegant kitchen designed by Alexander Adducci de Bulthaup has everything.

The designer Michael Berman put a linoleum ground in the kitchen and the closets of color walnut black tea to compensate the white floor tiles of the worktops.

To paint the interior of the cabinets of the kitchen of a resistance color - in this green case apple - is something that architect Gil Schafer and his consultant of color devised, Eva Ashcraft,

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