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Friday, June 11, 2010

Decorate your bathroom: shower dream

Decorate your bathroom: shower dream

The design, functionality and easy installation are features that define the columns of the signature spa. They are equipped with thermostatic systems composed of various spa jets and a rain effect ceiling. Thanks to technology that incorporates a constant temperature is achieved.

Doppio Soffione model stands out for its simplicity. The water outlet is performed by two concentrated areas, they get that water is distributed throughout the structure. Available in two versions: Recessed ceiling or attached to the wall. Gunni & is located in Trentino.

The firm proposed several ways to relax in the shower. Thus, the cabin Multifunctional, equipped with a wealth of detail, offers several wellness solutions at home. One of them is this spectacular round spray, which offers a water fall concentrated and direct.

XL, designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, is notable for its innovative oversized artichoke suspended. It comes with jets to rain, thready and accompanied with light and color therapy and music therapy music. It is available with LED center light.

Transparency is the soul of the new series of showers Hansaclear, by which you can see the path of the water inside the head. It is available in the variants of one, two and three jets, needle, soft or massage. You can opt for the light, to enjoy a rain rainbow.

Vintage sprinkler range is extended with the new version: Vintage XL. This is a large ceiling, minimalist design and high performance. The sprayer comes with only four millimeters thick and a very versatile installation as it can be secured to both the ceiling or wall

The luxurious fixed shower Starck Shower Heaven offers the opportunity to choose between a thick laminar jet, a voluminous spray of water droplets enriched air or a jet bound, thanks to 500 nozzles incorporated therein. It has a wide area of nearly one square meter

The new catalog of the firm has expanded with innovative proposals of fittings, including a double shower is this fixed. Besides doubling the amount of water, the angle of the workpiece can be adjusted allowing direct the spray towards the most tense of the body. ArtQuitect distributed.

Blow The diffuser is directly embedded in the ceiling. Includes dual function of rain, massage concentrated and the possibility of regulating the flow to achieve the desired power. The rectangular shape of this model allows a drop of water directly and completely surround

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