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Friday, October 22, 2010

Wooden decorative rugs for home

Wooden decorative rugs for home

The carpets of today are of different shapes and colors, or rather smooth and traditional, all with great style and a wealth of textures and materials. But today we have brought a different approach, and the novel is Wood carpet firm able to create different spaces, customizing your individual style of our home environments.

Each of them is realized through the combination of natural wood slats, and possess the characteristic of being highly resistant to wear and over time

Blend seamlessly with tile or cement floors smoothed as they create a nice contrast. Also available are a variety of measures, sizes and colors, allowing us to buy the one for our home, depending on space and style you wish to allocate to it.

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AllToGather said...

Where can you purchase this wooden rug? We'd love to have it!

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