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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Metallic decorations : Metallic decoration

Metallic decorations : Metallic decoration

Metallic effects are the ultimate when it comes to choosing colors to paint the house. Although it may seem that these colors are only suitable for spacecraft, not true, and well employed are very stylish and trendy.

Not a matter of painting the entire house in gold or silver, but rather in giving prominence to certain walls with one of the many shades available. If we have achieved good results with the lime green decor, or painting the yellow house Why not try it with metallic?

Metallic paint finishes can be gold, silver, copper-toned ... but also in colors like purple or black, with subtle touches of brilliance. Paint areas defined in the same wall, like strips, baseboards or shapes (squares, rectangles, large circles ...) is a great option to choose.

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