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Friday, October 1, 2010

Matroshka style furniture for small spaces at home

Matroshka style furniture for small spaces at home

I've always been fascinated by the Matroshka, the wily Russian stacking dolls. At first glance looks like a simple toy, but when you start removing parts, you realize that there are several small dolls in a small space.

This same concept has been applied to this compact furniture system "room within a room." Matroshka Aptly named, the furniture cluster containing a L-shaped sofa, double bed, table, four chairs, with total capacity for 12 people, work area home office, wardrobe and plenty of storage.

These furnishings have adapted to their immediate needs as the components can be divided to accommodate a variety of activities, from office dinners, and all parts can be nested together in a space of less than 4 square meters.

Despite being a compact design for life, each piece is created in full size, and all specifications are ergonomically correct scale. Perfect for those with little internal flexibility they want and how to maximize the available space is a revolutionary concept Matroshka furniture.

More Information: Matroshka

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